Ford E-Transit

Ford has gone electric, and it’s offering all entrepreneurs the chance to do the same. That’s the mission of the Ford E-Transit, Ford’s first all-electric commercial van. It doesn’t compromise on capability or driving pleasure.

But its all-electric drivetrain allows it to better control fuel costs, and as a contractor, to play an active role for the environment. With up to 203 kilometres of range, and the choice of a traditional van or cutaway chassis, the E-Transit is the economical and environmentally friendly answer to your business needs.

To remember

Maximum towing capacity

Maximum Load Capacity : 4,428 pounds


Battery Capacity: 68 kWh


Electric range: 203 kilometres

  • 266-horsepower electric motor

  • Maximum torque: 317 lb/ft

  • Recharge time: 8 hours (level 2 terminal)

  • Low, medium or high roofs available

  • Passenger, chassis or cutaway versions

  • 12-inch screen

  • SYNC 4 standard

  • Pro Power Onboard generator

  • Co-Pilot 360

  • Touchless update

  • Power sliding doors available

  • Adaptive cruise control available

Available trims

In summary

Fast Charging

The E-Transit is electric but quickly regains its charge when plugged in. On a 115 kilowatt or higher DC fast charger, E-Transit low-profile models can achieve a range of approximately 20 kilometres in 10 minutes. When plugged into a 240-volt outlet, E-Transit cargo van models with a low roof can travel approximately 20 kilometres per hour of charging.

Generator at Your Service

The Ford E-Transit is more than just a truck. It has the optional Pro Power Onboard, a generator that provides up to 2.4 kilowatts of power to turn the vehicle into a mobile generator. It can power tools and equipment on the job site or on the road. And don’t worry, that’s enough capacity to power everything from belt sanders to circular saws.

Muscular for work

Just because it’s electric doesn’t mean the E-Transit can’t work hard. It offers a maximum payload of 3,880 pounds and up to 4,428 pounds for cutaway versions. This capacity is available through the 266-horsepower and 317 lb-ft of torque engine that the E-Transit has in all configurations.

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